Using Portal for ArcGIS on your localhost

It’s been a while since I posted something, but now I solved a frustrating issue and I wanted to share that. Recently, I’ve installed ArcGIS Enterprise 10.5.1 on a development machine, using my EDN licences (or should I say ArcGIS Developers license?). The base deployment of ArcGIS Enterprise is:

  • Data Store
  • ArcGIS Server
  • Portal
  • Webadaptor(s)

Everything installed fine, but when I wanted to create the Portal, my local machine was unreachable for the webadaptor. Long story short: the webadaptor uses a fully qualified domain name for accessing Portal, e.g. In my case, this address was unreachable. The workaround here is to change the hosts file in Windows (located in C:\Windows\System32\drivers\etc). Add a new line to the hosts file:

This basically redirects the traffic from your windows computer to to your localhost, and that is where your Portal lives. Problem solved! For me anyway…

Portal for ArcGIS