ArcGIS javascript: graphicsUtils.graphicsExtent with one point feature

This applies to javascript developers using the ArcGIS Javascript API. If you’re using the graphicsUtils to get the extent of a set of graphics, you can use graphicsUtils.graphicsExtent. But if your set of features contains a single point, the extent returned is null. Which makes sense, but it took me a little while to figure this out. So check for the number of points (and whether they actually have a different location) before trusting this graphicsExtent function to operate correctly.

It’s a small thing, but hey, it might save you some time.



Creating a simple 3D model of the underground with CityEngine

Since the acquisition by Esri, I have been wanting to get my hands dirty with CityEngine. But only recently a good opportunity arose. I was asked to construct a 3D model of the underground for an area in the municipality of Hoogeveen. This also happens to be my last name, so I could this one not let me pass by!

CityEngine is a wonderful piece of software, but to get started with it can be quite a challenge. The learning curve is steep. So I want to share some of the lessons learned. It really helps if you are acquinted with the Eclipse environment, upon which CityEngine is based. Eclipse comes in many guises, Aptana (see also this post) and the Adobe Flash Builder being two that are sometimes used in GIS related activities.

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