International cooperation between GIS experts

Royal Haskoning is present in many countries and as an employee, you regularly get the opportunity to go abroad. Yesterday, we had a quick visit to our GIS colleagues in our office in Peterborough (UK). Royal Haskoning is strongly persuing a “one-company-concept”. This works excellent when regarding our offices, IT infrastructure and the like. When arriving at the office my laptop connected to the wifi without hesitation and I was able to work as if I was in my home office.

Royal Haskoning Peterborough office

Royal Haskoning Peterborough office

But providing a one-company-concept in the IT infrastructure is one thing, the differences in the cultures can be something else. And although we have regular contacts through Lync, Video Conferencing or telephone (yes, it still exists…), it is always challenging to see how these differences interfere with the conversation when discussing GIS strategies, organizational changes and recommendations to the Board of Management.

As it turned out,  the differences were not noticable. We had some lively discussions, even though we were talking from 9am through 3pm, and had a few laughs as well. And whether this originated in our close cooperation over the last three to four years or in the less-then-feared differences, I am not sure. And I don’t really care. All that matters is that we had a constructive meeting and we are ready to face 2012 in our joint effort to bring the application of GIS within Royal Haskoning to the next level!

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